Assault Awareness Training

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BTXR assault awareness training is designed to enable you to be aware of physical threat, how to get out it and what to do if you cannot get away from an imminent threat.

Our training has its roots in Kuntao Bakal Silat, Filipino and Malaysian fighting systems and has been modified from these systems to focus on the lethal components.

The BTXR assault awareness training will give you a sense of accomplishment and build greater confidence to avoid and defend against confrontation.





Assault Awareness

Bakal Self Defense Seminar

This Seminar Will Be Bovering But Not Limited To:

  •  Assault Awareness
  •  Fight vs Flight
  •  Protective Attitude
  •  Fit to fight Conditioning
  •  Equalizers, Tactics, Techniquies and Defences
  •  Bakal Self Defense Systems


Who Is This Seminar Is For:

  •  All Adults and Yound Adults 18 and Over (All Genders)
  •  Young Adults Heading to College
  •  Law Enforcement or Security
  •  Late Night or Evening Workers
  •  Martial Arts Enthuasist.
  •  Those Who Want to Learn Self Defense.

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